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    1. Summarize about Char
    2. Equipment for the bl
    3. assistant equipment
    4. gas system valve
    5. valve for the dust s
    6. valve for TRT system
    7. The valve for blast
    8. relief valve of the
    9. coke equipment
    10. 登陸
    11. The company
    12. Company news
    13. Corporate cu
    14. :43Qiao-Tou Street      Shijiazhuang City Hebei China
      gas system valve

      1、(goggle valve、 sector valve )electric enclose type goggle valve DN600-3400
      2、(goggle valve 、 sector valve )electric ipen type goggle valve DN600-3600
      3、(goggle valve ) electric sector goggle valve DN300-2200
      4、(goggle valve ) hydraulic secto goggle valve DN300-2200
      5、(goggle valve ) pneumatic sector goggle valve DN300-700
      6、 isolation valve
      7、eccentric hard seal butterfly valve DN200-6000
      8、 regulating valve block( de-pressure valve block)

      Electric open type goggle valve Electric enclose goggle valve Electric sector blind plant valve Isolation valve for the dust system
      Electric adjusting butterfly valve Big size hard sealing butterfly valve Denoise valve block Valve block
      Electric hard sealing butterfly valve
      Copy right @ SHIJIAZHUANG SANHUAN VALVE CO.,LTD. Toconology by ZNZ

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