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    1. Summarize about Char
    2. Equipment for the bl
    3. assistant equipment
    4. gas system valve
    5. valve for the dust s
    6. valve for TRT system
    7. The valve for blast
    8. relief valve of the
    9. coke equipment
    10. 登陸
    11. The company
    12. Company news
    13. Corporate cu
    14. :43Qiao-Tou Street      Shijiazhuang City Hebei China
      valve for the dust system

      1、( goggle valve ) pneumatid sector goggle valve DN300-700
      2、(goggle valve  ) electric sector goggle valve DN-3--2200
      3、enclose type goggle valve (goggle valve 、 sector valve ) DN600-3400
      4、(goggle valve 、 sector valve  ) open type goggle valve DN600-3600
      5、pneumatic dust ball valve DN250-500
      6、pneumatic dust bell valve Dn150-500
      7、electric feeder machine DN150-450
      8、edplosion valve DN300-450
      9、eccentric hard seal butterfly valve ( electric hydraulic pneumatic ) DN150-6000
      10、dUST BUTTERFLY ( ELECTRIC HYDRAULIC PNEUMATIC), These kind series valve which has long life and working whithout fmalfunction can be use for small , medium , big dust catch system . It had been used in 2650 M3 tho  3200M3 of shougang steel , chongqing steel , shaoyang steel.


      Electric feeder Pneumatic dust ball valve Explosion relief valve Pneumatic sector isolation valve
      Open goggle valve Pneumatic ball unloading dust valve Hydraulic sector isolation valve
      Copy right @ SHIJIAZHUANG SANHUAN VALVE CO.,LTD. Toconology by ZNZ

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